A form of United States currency, specifically a Federal Reserve Note, which is the paper currency presently used by the United States. The ink on the reverse side of Federal Reserve Notes being green is what led to the nick name "greenback". To a lesser extent, Silver Certificates and United States Notes also had green backs, but the seal and serial numbers on the front were printed in blue instead of green ink. They were last issued in 1957 and 1966, respectively. Your parents probably remember them.
'Greenbacks' have been printed since before the turn of the 20th century, when the size of the paper currency was printed on was about 1/3 wider and 1/3 longer than its present size.
by Ryan Thompson January 5, 2004
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Greenbackers is a term created as a company name for an environmentally conscience clothing and apparel company. The company creates products from 100% renewable or recycled materials and donates profits to environmental causes in the State of Maine.
Love the environment; be greenbackers!
by C&S Holdings, LLC January 23, 2008
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During sex when you are about to blow your load pull out and jiz on a wad of cash and slap the chick (or dude) on the face so the bills stick to the persons face. This is called Greenbacking.
Hey Todd, you just got Greenbacked!
by Logan Murphy November 11, 2006
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someone who is a zealot for money or lets money dictate their worldview;the philosophy of money
mr smithers is a greenback-fundalmentalist
by revtriggafinga August 20, 2008
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a ridiculously long street, widely known for running through Citrus Heights, Greenback Lane also runs through Orangevale to Sacramento. If you take Greenback Lane from any city mentioned above, you can find the place your looking for 87% of the time.

Precisely placed on Greenback:
Dairy Queen
Donut King
San Juan High
and other places which might have no meaning to you.
B: I'm lost, I'm in the middle of nowhere.
V: Can you see a streetsign?
B: Yeah
V: What does it say?
B: Greenback Lane
V: Walk 2 paces to the left
(Brittney finds civilization once again)
by Brittney Sade October 13, 2008
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