When someone or something is so ridiculuos at being or doing something and you have no adjective to correctly capture the sheer awe of the event.
"That man is as strong as Ghandi"
"This kid is fucking Ghandi at Madden"
"That bitch fucks like Ghandi"
by C Witt February 23, 2005
Anything not related to violence that is thought as amazing or "cool".
Usually used by Bohemianesc society.
"woah man that philosophy meeting was ghandi!"
by PeaceLover06 May 10, 2006
An Indian. Someone who works at a gas-station, that isn't American. Terrorist.
I just walked into the gas station and had to buy gas from that fucking ghandi.
by arealamerican100 July 18, 2009
To fuck a markor up the arse while jess is waxing his ballsack screaming "MANNING FUCK ME MANNING!"
by BluRB June 23, 2003
done for; killed; destroyed; gone; no longer exists; out of stock;
"That faka is ghandi's, no can hang with the braddah's."

"Ghandi already, you too late"
by randomfaka May 21, 2009
The nick name givin to Mr. Marquetti.
Dude Ghandi has hair everywhere except his head.
by Tony February 25, 2005