Lead singer and guitarist for the Dave Matthews Band. Born in South Africa, moved to the U.S. He's one of the coolest and chillest guys in the world. Released a solo CD, "Some Devil". Likes to drink Jack Daniels.
Guy 1: Yo Dave Matthews is mad chill
Guy 2: Hells yea he is
by Slow But Speeding June 3, 2006
A Dave Matthews is when one enjoys drinking a beverage of human urine. This procedure was popularized by the musician of the same name, who enjoys the taste of urine on stage during performances.
If you're ever in a survival situation, or just need a refreshing beverage, drink a "Dave Matthews".
by afernandez November 13, 2007
Dave matthews is an overrated piece of shit, has contributed nothing to music, donates to charity for publicity, and has a voice similar to the mating call of several species of owls. I hope i never have to see this idiot on the street, as everyone who comes into contact with this musical retard is suddenly in love with his shitty music. What pisses me off most is that most of this fag's fans would suck his dick right on the spot because they suck and they love listening to shitty, unoriginal, music without any substance whatsoever. Dave: I think I'll write a song about complete shit today... this is what Dave thinks every time he wakes up.
Oh we suck so let's go listen to Dave Matthews wail on a shitty track!
n. A sub-genre of music consisting of mostly acoustic guitars and polo shirts, often identified by its cliched covers (e.g. Sublime's "Santeria").

adj. Of the college bar variety.
This band is so dave matthews bland. We should leave this crappy bar.
by CasetteFM September 11, 2009
Dave Matthews Band is a talented band that took root in Charlottesville, Virginia during the early nineties. Known for astonishing live performances, the band grew a cult following as diverse as the members, themselves. Word first spread of the “tripping billies” from Virginia through bootleg live recordings and counter-counter music festivals in 92. Featuring a discography that expands on every emotion, the blend incorporates a mix of jazz, folk, and jam-band. Benefiting from classically educated musicians, the mind-expanding arrangements have inspired music majors and instructors alike. The setlist is changed every night, meaning the band has dozens of intricate songs on memory, allowing 4 day-weekend performances. Though the band’s personalities are charming, humble and inclusive, trendhumpers go out of their way to piss on these guys. For some, it’s an intolerance of all things masculine; for others, hatred is fueled by the stereotypes of DMB followers. One critique being how bland, stupid and generic the band is-for this crowd, two radio edits are enough to ignore the 50+ other gems. Don’t be surprised if the david bowie loyalist in the purple v-neck quotes pitchfork media as a means of establishing his or her supremacy over your twelve years as a school-instructed musician. When defending Dave, speak of how eco-friendly the band is and moved on-you were deemed bro from the start but planted a little dave seed, you may have.
Hipster: Hey man, what you listening to?

Cellist: The Dave Matthews Band! I just got their ne...

Hipster: O no, bro (walks away)
by pascalziffhume January 19, 2011
A popular rock band the hit it big with their first album Under The Table And Dreaming in 1994. They have been a band since 1991. They formed in Charlottesville, Virginia when Dave Matthews searched around for potential band members. He found Carter Beauford, drummer; Steffan Lessard, bassist; LeRoi Moore, Sax; and Boyd Tinsley, Violin. There were some others that played with Dave, but those are the five official band members. Since then Dave Matthews Band has been nominated for 11 Grammys and won one. They currently have 6 studio albums.
Dave Matthews Band is the greatest band ever!!
by LeRoi February 16, 2007
A band that each of it's new releases is welcomed (along with the latest abercrombie & fitch catalog) by middle-class white kids.
Dude #1 - "hey bro, did you get the new dave matthews band cd yet?"

Dude #2 - "yeah, man; it's great. let's go to the mall".
by flamman March 9, 2007