The drummer, percussionist and 1/2 of the rhythm section for the Dave Matthews Band, known for his marathon solos, thundering, lightning quick beats, and drum tricks. The name is pronounced (bo-ferd) but is commonly mispronounced. Common considered one of the greatest drummers of the alternative rock era, he has done side projects with several bands and his influence resounds through the world and music industry.
"Carter Beauford on the drums! Carter Beauford on the drums! That's my good friend Carter Beauford right there on the drums!"
by Your Little Brother July 3, 2006
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Carter Beauford is the Drummer of Dave Matthews Band. He has also worked with Victor Wooten to create some beastly music. He is thought to be some type of Human/Alien hybrid because of how insanely amazing he is on the drums.
"Dude, Carter Beauford is amazing at drums!"
"I know, I heard he fell and got cut and he started to bleed green, cause he's an Alien"
by BlackDogz February 16, 2009
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