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In the Japanese versions, Naruto often ends his sentences with "dattebayo" or "(verb)-ttebayo", and as such Naruto has a unique style of speech. In the Japanese language, an ending can be added with no meaning to make the tone sound more tough, childish, girlish, or many other changes depending on the many existing endings. "-ttebayo", which is not a well-known ending, has no literal meaning and cannot be translated, but carries the connotations of the speaker being uncultured, brusque, and seeming tougher than they really are.In the English anime and video games, he often says "Believe it!" to fit with the mouth flaps of "-ttebayo".
Shikamaru got his information wrong, dattebayo.
by Visually ROLF August 09, 2006
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Despite what superking said, Jaivez was completely right. Dattebayo has NO actual meaning and is just tagged to the end of narutos sentences, its just like his dialect.
Naruto's style is '(verb stem)tte bayo!' For instance, wakattebayo is "I get it already" or nan dattebayo is "What (the heck) is that?"
Nan Dattebayo!?!!?
by Naruto Legends May 10, 2005
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Directly derived from an actual interview with the creator himself, Masashi kishimoto.
- Is Naruto's favorite phrase, "dattebayo" modeled on anything?

K: That isn't really modeled on anything either. When I thought of childlike
speech, "dattebayo" instantly came to mind. It's like it's become a part of
Naruto, and even now it brings out his "mischievousness".
(End quote)

I guess it's just up to fans to determine for themselves what it truly means...
Maybe there's no real definition to it, dattebayo!
by Sairisu January 23, 2006
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1. The fansubbers from the US that fansub Naruto Naruto Shippuuden and Bleach. Without them half of the world would die of boredom and anime conventions would all be cancelled.
2. A phrase said by uzumaki naruto in the Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden series. Has no meaning in any way and is also clarified by dattebayo that the phrase means nothing at all
omg thank you so much for releasing naruto and bleach dattebayo!! ^^
by GoMilkCows May 08, 2007
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A phrase said by Naruto form the hit anime.
Mistakenly translated as believe it, to a speaker of Japanese, this word is gibberish, but it's made up of suffixes and prefixes that basically define Naruto as a hillbilly.

Da translates to a very informal "to be"
-tte is an rural and uncommon version of -to, meaning "like that" or "in that case"
-ba is an older conditional ending, like "if, then it could"
-yo is an informal word meaning "I tell you" and comes off as arrogant.

Basically it translates (nonsensically) to "If in that case, it could be, I tell you!"
When Naruto says this, any Japanese person sees him as a know-it-all fool.
Naruto says "Dattebayo" or "(verb root)-ttebayo" meaning (nonsensically) "If in that case, it could be, I tell you!" (dattebayo) or "If in that case, I could (verb action), I tell you!" ({verb root}-ttebayo)

parts of dattebayo

たべる -> たべれば
(taberu -> tabere-ba) conditional -ba
あいつと -> あいつって
(aitsu-to -> aitsu-tte) -to -- "that guy" from Tokyo dialect to rural dialect
(Ja -> ya -> da) "da" rural version of ja (informal for desu - to be)
(nai-yo) the yo is used for emphasis on information, like "I tell you!" or "Don't you know?"
by VjustV October 23, 2008
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1. A non-profit fansubbing group with an almost frightening sense of humor and a rather amusing tendency to release several troll episodes from time to time. Currently in charge of mainly Naruto and Bleach. Very well-known as compared to most fansubbing circles.

2. A word Uzumaki Naruto from the anime series, "Naruto", has a habit of adding into his sentence. It has no meaning whatsoever. The mangaka, Masashi Kishimoto, states that he carved it into Naruto's personality in hopes of making him seem more childish and playful. Naruto gradually reduces the frequency of using this word after the timeskip.
1."Damn? I've been trolled by Dattebayo again!"

2. "Sasuke-teme, 'ttebayo!"
by Superficialist January 05, 2008
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A word often said by Naruto (from the anime/manga Naruto) at the end of his sentences, it has no actual meaning. It's much like Kenshin's (of Rurouni Kenshin)'De-gozaru-yo'.
Many people are baffled over the fact that Naruto almost always says 'Dattebayo' at the end of his sentences.
by Jaivaz February 27, 2005
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