According to Shikamaru nearly everything is troublesome. If it was up to him he would spend the entire day lazying around and playing games like chess, and he’s really good at it too. His sensei Azuma believes that he will one day become a genius military leader.

Shikamaru is a really easy-going fellow. In school he got about the same grades as Naruto had, but this was simply because he was to lazy to even pick up his pencil. The truth is that Shikamaru is highly intelligent. He did an IQ test once, and the result was that his IQ was over 200 (which is exceptionally high).

Knowing this it is safe to say that Shikamaru’s most powerful weapon is his intelligence. He analysis every situation carefully, and always thinks ahead before doing anything rash. Combine this with a very cunning use of his best ability, the Shadow Copy, he is NOT to be underestimated.

He is from the anime seiries Naruto
Shikamaru: How troublesome
by Freud December 7, 2004
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Most Kick ass, awesome, smartest, sexiest, coolest, guy in Naruto ever! His kick ass personality and smart thoughts make him just to cool for words!
Go Shikamaru! Beat the hell out of them all!
Shikamaru: "What a drag...."
Me: "I know, huh? That test was easier than wiping my ass...."
by Vegemaru January 9, 2010
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Easy one of the coolest mfs in the naruto, my man was probably high the entirety of the show and it probably only made him smarter. This man could solve a rubix cube in the midst of clapping everyone at a game of shogi. Also bagged the sand's finest for a wife.
Friend 1: 'man, shikamaru is soo cool'
Friend 2: '100%'
Friend 3: ' I bet he has massive balls'
Friend 1: 'yeah'
Friend 2: 'agreed, wait-'
by naruto_dictionary April 8, 2021
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sex(ist) king. love a man who can be both a feminist and hate women.
Shikamaru is sexist but it’s ok cuz he’s sexy
by istillhatejacob69 October 27, 2020
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The act of being a cunt, and then being owned to a level on ownership never seen before.
"Dude, you didn't just get got fucking Shikamaru'd!"
by Hamut May 18, 2009
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To indirectly PWN an opponent through the use of misdirection, trickery, trips, traps, and set-ups.

Based on the fighting tactics of Shikamaru Nara, a character from the manga series Naruto.
Playing C.O.D. Black Ops

Player 1: "Aww! How did I just die?!?"

Me: "I planted a claymore above the doorway. Yep, I just Shikamaru'd yo' ass."
by Saxsui December 7, 2010
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When you have a severe case of laziness.
Person A: I've been laying in bed all day, and don't feel like getting out of it today
Person B: Dude, you have a case of Shikamaru Syndrome
by Octnine Yamato July 19, 2016
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