In the ancient Chinese dynasties, this word was the greatest compliment one could give. Mostly used only to address royalty, anyone who was not a kou but used it to describe themselves were stoned to death.
If you are not a kou, don't try to be one. It will only get you stoned to death in China.
by Alex Fuangxhi July 13, 2005
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He is a kou
by Brezle November 22, 2021
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a person who is a e dater these people are weird and no one likes them
dont be a kou
by Frances danker March 31, 2023
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Kou , Pronounced 'kooo'
A more comical way of saying cum /spunk
p1:Youv'e got kou on your face
p2:oooo, its choclate.
by YouAreANoob May 29, 2009
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Kou minamoto is the best character in tbhk wnd he should get more love and appreciation.
-Man Kou is so sweet
-Ikr such a gentleman, a housekeeper and a loving brother!
by Dawnmeow August 31, 2021
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a really nice mf person who deserves so much happiness, kou is a very good friend and is very funny😇
“Omg have you seen kou? He’s such a good friend
by akiraaaaaa September 6, 2021
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To experience a state of utter exhaustion. In said state, one is likely to experience extreme shortness of breath; low to mild immobility; high temperatures; unfortunate body odour; and in extreme cases delusions such as seeing juicy chickens breasts.
“Fuck, I’m feeling absolutely Koued.”

“Man, Brad said he was so Koued he nearly die.”

“He’s Koued, get the man some chicken, asap possible”
by Villa Jamu January 14, 2023
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