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In the ancient Chinese dynasties, this word was the greatest compliment one could give. Mostly used only to address royalty, anyone who was not a kou but used it to describe themselves were stoned to death.
If you are not a kou, don't try to be one. It will only get you stoned to death in China.
by Alex Fuangxhi July 13, 2005
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The Hebrew and Arabic way to say "pussy". Pronounced KOOHSS, with a long "oo" as in "cool".
That Israeli girl has the most beautiful body I've ever seen. I'd love to get into her kous!
by pentozali June 26, 2006
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Kou , Pronounced 'kooo'
A more comical way of saying cum /spunk
p1:Youv'e got kou on your face
p2:oooo, its choclate.
by YouAreANoob May 29, 2009
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