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A phrase said by Naruto form the hit anime.
Mistakenly translated as believe it, to a speaker of Japanese, this word is gibberish, but it's made up of suffixes and prefixes that basically define Naruto as a hillbilly.

Da translates to a very informal "to be"
-tte is an rural and uncommon version of -to, meaning "like that" or "in that case"
-ba is an older conditional ending, like "if, then it could"
-yo is an informal word meaning "I tell you" and comes off as arrogant.

Basically it translates (nonsensically) to "If in that case, it could be, I tell you!"
When Naruto says this, any Japanese person sees him as a know-it-all fool.
Naruto says "Dattebayo" or "(verb root)-ttebayo" meaning (nonsensically) "If in that case, it could be, I tell you!" (dattebayo) or "If in that case, I could (verb action), I tell you!" ({verb root}-ttebayo)

parts of dattebayo

たべる -> たべれば
(taberu -> tabere-ba) conditional -ba
あいつと -> あいつって
(aitsu-to -> aitsu-tte) -to -- "that guy" from Tokyo dialect to rural dialect
(Ja -> ya -> da) "da" rural version of ja (informal for desu - to be)
(nai-yo) the yo is used for emphasis on information, like "I tell you!" or "Don't you know?"
by VjustV October 23, 2008

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Honeymoon Phase: the period in any relationship/event/goings on/etc. when everything is dreamy, and you don't actually see the bad in anything.

Do not say HMP phase.
Ughh, look at those lovebirds holding hands. Still in the HMP.


Girl, once the HMP ended, I got outta there so fast!
by VjustV August 12, 2011

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