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n. A large glass boot that must be turned as a bubble forms in the end to avoid spillage. Always used to drink a vast amount of beer, due to it being the greatest substance in existence.
by The Movie King September 11, 2006
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Das Boot is both the name of a german submarine movie and also the name of a traditional beer drinking glass. The glass holds 2 liters of beer, or in some cases 2 liters with room for foam (3 liters to the rim). It is the final drinking contest in Oktoberfest and also featured in the movie "beerfest". Literally translated it means "the boat" or in the context of the drinking glass "the boot".
Lasst trinken das boot
by Schweinsteiger July 10, 2008
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Mini series now on DVD.The best WW2 film by far.You really want the crew to perform the mission and return safely to port.In today's politically correct world it may be best to keep sympathy for this regime to yourself.Thinking aloud may lead to you committing a thought crime.
"...aircraft attacking at 270 degrees....ALAAAARM!......."
by WESER May 21, 2004
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German for "The Boat"

A movie showing the other side of the war, not Americans doing what the British and French were blowing up/capturing before America's entry.

Documents the life on a U-Boat.
Buy the one with subtitles (Das Boot). The English-language (The Boat) dubbing isn't great.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 28, 2004
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Das Boot best kicker of all time give me a yard line DAS BOOT can kick a field goal from there. His right leg is so much bigger than his left from kicking.
The 74 yard field goal from Michael Tarbutt is up and it is good.

Did you see the size of Das Boot's right leg??? Its huge!

He just Das Booted it. (Touchback)
by Joes Blows November 02, 2013
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A play on the similarity of the phrase 'the boot' and the title of an acclaimed movie about a WWII submarine ("Das Boot" or "The Boat" in english). Used in the same way, as in get the boot or as in the Denver boot. Sometimes combined with check your oil for extra comic effect.
Dude, I got so hammered last night that the bar gave me Das Boot!

I came back from the bar and found Das Boot on my car.

You: Have you seen Das Boot?
Them: No.
You: Leave me alone or (lifting your leg to show your shoe) I'll check your oil with it.
by Oz in ATL June 23, 2007
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A term used by online gamers requesting that the host of a multiplayer videogame (or server) "boot" another player from the game, usually due to poor sportsmanship.

Originally coined in 1998 by members of the AmeriClan Rainbow6 clan.
"Yo host, that jerk 'n00b69' is a TKer! Give him DAS BOOT!"
by SinDonor dammit March 08, 2007
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