3 definitions by princesa

The nice way of saying goddamnit. More commonly used among old people.
Well, gosh darnit... my teeth fell out.
by princesa July 11, 2004
Damn he's ploopy


She is such a ploop
by princesa July 11, 2004
She is a unique person just like her name. She’s an amazing girlfriend and she try’s her best to become a better person day by day. Keiree is so beautiful and she deserves more than what this world has to offer. She got a luh something something back there and by “back there” I mean her booty ! Little booties matter too you know! If you’re a Keiree and you’re reading this just know yous a bad ASS bitch :)
“Do you know Keiree? She’s so beautiful.”
“Keiree is kinda mean.”
“Keirees a bitch sometimes but I fucks with her.”
by princesa December 7, 2018