posh persons definition of yobbo
caruthers was in such high spirits last night that he knifed 3 commoners
by Mr Flibble April 20, 2004
When girls are happy about something (usually boys) and they get all hyper and giggly.
Mean Old Janitor - Be quiet!
Giggly Girls - You cannot shut us up, we are in girlish high spirits!
by sundaygirl March 28, 2006
Also known as an energy high that you get from smoking weed/cannabis. A spirit high gives you lots of energy and vitality to be productive and get shit done. This type of high grants person extremely high tenacity and euphoric ki. The other 2 highs are a mind high that normally comes from sativa dominant strains, and a body high that comes from indica dominant strains.
The Buddhist teachings say that when you experience Nirvana, you are free from all pain and suffering undauntedly. A spirit high from smoking weed is exactly like the Buddhist feeling of Nirvana.
by superbipolar420 April 21, 2017