For Windows, stands for "control. its on the bottom left on your keyboard.
it can do various tasks, such as:
ctrl+alt+del opens task manager.
ctrl+z is undo
ctrl+y is to redo
ctrl+c is to copy
ctrl+v is to paste
And the list goes on...
The ctrl key is for Windows users and the Command key is for Mac users
by sharks445 January 4, 2012
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It's power over a situation. Pretty much you are a boss bitch and can control people like puppets if you have ctrl. It is also the name of an amazing album by SZA
"I have this under ctrl"
by Melissa McYorkle February 13, 2018
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random guy:k man just got to use ctrl+u
other random guy: r u dumb, its pronounced control
random guy:now thats where ur wrong retard
by asdsdsd August 12, 2020
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How to add a gargantuan amount of text to your clipboard VERY quickly.
Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V

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by No one in particularssss July 13, 2010
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Teacher: Today class your going to write an essay.
Student: *ctrl v* DONE!
by GUYwithNOfriends February 1, 2018
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Stems from the ctrl-z button on computers that undoes the last action performed. The term Ctrl Z has also made worked its way into popular usage to mean undo, fix or to take back, as seen in websites like
Ever wish you could Ctrl Z everything that goes wrong in your life?
by Mantilla December 30, 2011
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That branch of the left wing which wants to restrict people's behaviour and free speech. Often no longer concerned with economic issues or foreign policy. This is the group that always takes the bait and tries to oppose the alt-right directly, rather than using time tested tactics to defeat them. The ctrl-left is famous for alienating anybody who is not a core member with its judgmental shaming tactics and its hidden class bias against working class people.
If the Neo-Nazis marched and no one cared, they would give up and take up wood-working. If the Neo-Nazis march and a bunch of ctrl-left counter protesters take it as licence to break all the shop windows and embarrass themselves on live TV with their bad manners, moderate people are going to start feeling a little sympathetic to those poor Neo-Nazis.

The ctrl-left prevented Jordan Peterson from giving a lecture at my university.
by Nostradamus Bear August 25, 2017
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