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For Windows, stands for "control. its on the bottom left on your keyboard.
it can do various tasks, such as:
ctrl+alt+del opens task manager.
ctrl+z is undo
ctrl+y is to redo
ctrl+c is to copy
ctrl+v is to paste
And the list goes on...
The ctrl key is for Windows users and the Command key is for Mac users
by sharks445 January 04, 2012
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It's power over a situation. Pretty much you are a boss bitch and can control people like puppets if you have ctrl. It is also the name of an amazing album by SZA
"I have this under ctrl"
via giphy
by Melissa McYorkle February 13, 2018
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random guy:k man just got to use ctrl+u
other random guy: r u dumb, its pronounced control
random guy:now thats where ur wrong retard
by asdsdsd August 11, 2020
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