Darell are generally guys. They are generally decent looking, smart, and in shape. They never let you down and are always there for you when you need them. Sometimes they can be lost and might come off as assholes, but are really sweet and can be the best thing that's ever happened to you. They also have long dicks, that's why their name begins with a Big D. If you ever meet a Darell keep him around because he always knows how to put you in a good mood and always has a good roast up his sleeve. Darells are also very trustworthy and will carry your secret to the grave if you ask them to. Sometimes he can be upset at the wrong people because he lets his anger build up even though he doesn't mean to. If you ever meet a Darell know that they can change your life.
by Lacy12 July 16, 2017
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while on the toilet taking a shit, the poo must be still hanging from the ass and be touching the water. this is a darell.
"oi man i just unleshed the biggest darell"
by cave dweller September 04, 2006
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A little kid that has STDs from dudes somehow and sucks dick all the time because all the girls he gets they leave him.

Darell is a short nigga with a baby dick and a big ass head.

Darell is a short nigga that can't reach the bookshelf
Damn he's short and gay must be a darell.
by Darell Gay af February 12, 2019
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Anyone/ anything either male or female who is just the biggest dumbass bitch in the universe.
β€œWhat a fucking darell” or β€œ fuck off/ stop being (a) DaReLl”
by Adamlemonade January 07, 2019
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A rude ass nigga who doesn’t appreciate women who do the most for him
He’s so self centered his must be darell
by 2838 May 10, 2018
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Sweaty armpit stains on a shirt.

Origin - Fat, white trash kid that I went to high school with who always had sweaty pits.
1. Your Darells are showing. 2. Is Darell here? 3. Has anyone seen Darell? 4. Check out the Darells on her!
by huckinator June 19, 2004
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