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An internet personality famous for agressively pursuing racists on Twitter. He has proclaimed himself the 'Malcolm X of 2014' and can be found on Twitter @BigBlackMeatMan

Darelle has several thousand followers, and has some unique mannerisms. He is quite fond of referring to himself in the third person. He also begins nearly every tweet with 'bruh,' or 'dawg,'. He refers to the N-word as the 'Unspeakable Word', and refers to his quest to end racism on Twitter 'his Holy Crusade'.
Random (racist) Twitter user: Damn, so many niggers in Cincy today
Darelle Blackburn: Bruh, WHAT THE FUCK y'all doin usin the Unspeakable Word, when Y'ALLREADY KNOW how hurtful it is to ya friend Darelle?
by Don Sterling July 03, 2014
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A young handsome and cute guy with a big ego and good sense of humour. He loves money more than most things. He has a mixed personality; one being excited,joyful and friendly where the other is a evil,dark and mischief side.
Darelle as in the name of a person.
by Urban artist December 08, 2013
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