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An 'ethnicon' (ethnic icon) used to refer to Arabs or Middle-Eastern travelers who immigrated to the US in recent years amidst the growing wave of terrorist attacks that has led many average, terrornoid American citizens to become concerned about their country's 'air-border' security.
Capps (Computer-assisted passenger prescreening system)/ US-VISIT (US-Visitor & Immigrant Status Indicator), are some of the new, computerized methods for 'profiling' the new comers.
These methods have made it possible for the TSC (Terrorist Screening Center) to make large, biometric database files in what has been termed 'soft intelligence' operations all over US airports complete with issued e-passports.
Now (irony has its day!), there is a new segregatory system in America that very soon you'll be on an escalator in an airport somewhere in the US, while poor schlub Arab hunheads are on another seperate one! You are the 'trusted traveler' who's been 'reverse-profiled' by this kind of neo-racism!
The post-9/11 'ticking-time bomb' theory of immanent suspect terrorist threat, justified the use of any method including TFRs (temporary flight restrictions), free-forms (witnesses' description of oriental-looking face whom might prove to be a hiding active terrorist in a city), in order to close the 'security gap' created by the attacks... has made a danger stranger out of many Arabs arriving in US airports.
by hammer---;, hytham April 13, 2007
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