a way of agreeing with something
-Ha! You so crazy!
-Damn strait.
by Nicole February 16, 2004
synonyms: word up, right on, amen, agreed upon.
Let's say someone, in a crowded place, shouts, "war sucks!" Damn straight would be an appropriate reponse to that exclamation if you are anti-war.
by terrell mateo April 4, 2003
One way of saying "that's so right." Synonym to hell yeah, fuck yeah, that's right, and oh yeah.
Person 1: Wow, this band is awesome!
Person 2: Damn straight!
by Alb Nutty September 14, 2009
An affirmation, usually to a preceeding statement.
Origin: Australia
'Id rather be done up the butt than see that guy again' .. 'Damn Straight!'
by Liam September 27, 2003
As has been mentioned, a way of agreeing with something, but I always found it to be almost condescending (in a cool way.) It seems like a "grown-up" way of saying "duh" almost.
John McCain: I'm a conservative but even I think our former president was a bit of a fuck up.

Talking giraffe: Damn straight.
by JustinBroadrick April 23, 2009
something gaypeople say when they get rowdy because it makes them feel normal (notice that it says "straight")
Normal guy: Kokanee is the best beer!
normal guy: WTF? I'm sorry, i feel the same way about you
by emilee thai November 16, 2008