16 definitions by terrell mateo

tension; negative feelings towards someone else; disagreements; the event of effects of drug deals gone bad; etc.
From Mobb Deep's "Survival of the Fittest": '...we never around when the beef cooks in my part of town..."
by terrell mateo October 03, 2003
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a term probably coined by fans of the new york yankees, who traditionally are haters of the boston red sox and decided to come up with an insulting term by changing the team name.
John (From Boston): Bawb, are you gonna pahk thuh kah in hahvuhd yahd?

Bob (From the Bronx): Naw, yoo stoopid Red Sux fan.
by terrell mateo June 07, 2003
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hebrew for "name". it's a ghetto term in yerushalayim used by all those yids of mine.
(singsongy) Ha shem is here, Ha shem is there, Ha shem is everywhere!
by terrell mateo May 14, 2003
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first heard of it from the movie "Sunset Park". the character "Butter" seems to like this word a lot. seemingly refers to "pussy" (see example below)
Butter: "Shorty, you get ANY punany yet?"

(Shorty is a character played by Fredro Starr, not a woman as the term usually refers to.
by terrell mateo May 28, 2003
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