to be bored, looking lonely and depressed, little friends, always has his/her head down
damn,that boy/girl lookin real 'dammer' today
by real*shit!!! March 16, 2009
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a playful conjunction of damn and her.
She won't answer her phone, dammer!
by Kyaiwn February 21, 2009
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a term synonymous with "cock block" however only applying to women that prevent another woman from "scoring" with a target of intimate interest
"I was totally gonna go home with that guy till that beaver dammer screwed it up"
"i totally got beaver dammed by that slut!"
by sully401 July 7, 2009
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A crazy party based in a Cali-Club.
John and I hit a Dammer Azzer
by CJB The Issue November 2, 2010
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