An expression, usually insinuating that someone is retarded. Sometimes accompanied by trying to bite your own ear, or smacking your hand across your chest.
After someone says something very stupid:
by Jes F October 16, 2003
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A saying when someone makes an idiodic remark or statement. Also used to greet one another.
Dani walks into Pozsar's Gymnastics. As Trina is running she greets dani by saying, "DAH!!!"
by TAV February 19, 2005
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from russian 'yes', used with the well-known "retard entonation", means "yes, what else?" meaning the answer is so obvious that any retard would know… and all the retards speak russian, it implies…
So, it's really a kind of insult to the russians coming back from… daaah! what else? the Cold War days, when they were the Evil Ones.
(At least that's what I… grasped, if you will, the first time I've heard it… but not being english my mother-tongue, I'm probrably wrong)
…is Richard Simmons gay?
… (…)…(…)…(…)…DAAAAHH!! (you all know the entonation)
by victahr August 18, 2005
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Will Smith' invented it.
Meaning from Cool to yes!.
Dah! It's 2018 Rewind!
by Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah January 20, 2019
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Situation 1: A word used to veer off of a subject or a response to a question or statement that you don't know how to respond to.

Situation 2: This word could be used to retaliate from a verbal attack in a friendly and joking way.

This was first used as an inside joke when one friends status was in German and the other friend commented "Dah" because he didn't understand the status as a joke. Then, for every other comment he didn't know how to respond to he said "Dah"
Q: "I heard you kissed that ugly person at that party last night."
A: "Uhhhhh Dah?"

Q: "Wow, you are horrible at football."
A: "Dah."
by sloopdog99 December 16, 2010
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This word is used for when you are in a state of annoyance, or something happens that wasn't intended.
Jenna: Dude the homework was due yesterday NOT today
Jason: DAH ! Are you shittin' me ?!

Jenna:. . . And then she like totally went in and-
Jason; DAAH !! YOUR SO DAMN ANNOYING shut up !!
by Precious R. November 09, 2011
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