Use of the internet to secretly gather information about a person
She was adept at using of search engines to cyberstalk Garry
by Laura Tripp October 4, 2006
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Some one that stalks and preys on people online.
The cyberstalker Oregon Wench, was known for her obsession for hunting Elk and men online
by One Ten April 29, 2003
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Cyberstalking, which is simply an extension of the physical form of stalking, is where the electronic mediums such as the Internet are used to pursue, harass or contact another in an unsolicited fashion. Most often, given the vast distances that the Internet spans, this behaviour will never manifest itself in the physical sense but this does not mean that the pursuit is any less distressing. There are a wide variety of means by which individuals may seek out and harass individuals even though they may not share the same geographic borders, and this may present a range of physical, emotional, and psychological consequences to the victim.
Person A: "Did you hear about Alfonse, hes totally cyberstalking this chick from another country"
by batgimp January 19, 2007
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Cyber stalking is harassment or threat to a victim using digital communication
by s j tubrazy April 30, 2015
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A guy who likes to cyberstalk people, especially Anne.
Stop cyberstalking me, Billy the cyberstalker!” said The cyberstalking police.
by The great goddess Annieee June 26, 2019
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