A very honest person but who takes revenge on those who taunt him or backstab him, he's very attractive, talented & kind but don't mess with him because he doesn't forgive & doesn't forget, a cold hearted snake
Damn I wish I could be as cold hearted as Alfonse
by Xxxtremely July 2, 2019
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A super nice and honest person who is everybody's friend.
Bro this dude I met is a total Alfonse.
by Gthegreat July 25, 2014
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a bad person who bullies people to get what they want. so rude and disrespectful. he is sitting next to me right now and i can't be anymore in pain. its bothering. i cry.
omg alfonse is sitting next to me gr xd
by mirbirtles March 7, 2019
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