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Certification Practice Statement is communal document with description of practices of Certification authority issuing, renewing, revoking and validating Digital / Electronic Certificates and for emphasizing to keep confidence on Certificates
Certification Practice Statement, communal document Certification, authority, issuing, renewing, revoking,validating, Electronic,
by s j tubrazy January 04, 2013
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Conduct or attempt to conduct crimes by criminals for achieving their illegal ends using electronic devices with skill is called cyber crime”, (S J Tubrazy)
conducting crime using computer or electronic device is cyber crime
by s j tubrazy March 08, 2013
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Cybercrime is criminal action of commission or omission with intent to harm targeting humans or machines using any telecommunication device via internet online or .
cybercrime is hacking, identity theft, bullying, system damage, denial of service, cyber terrorism,
by s j tubrazy September 16, 2014
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Cyber extremism is resorting any measure of imposing predetermined ideology using any online platform, beyond the norms of existing common social way of life.
by s j tubrazy December 31, 2014
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The act to use another person’s cyber identifying information with intent to defraud others online.
cyber identity theft is act of stealing person information online to commit criminal act
by s j tubrazy October 06, 2014
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Cyber intelligence is computer system that tracks, examines and defies the digital security risks.
Cyber intelligence is computer system that defies the digital security risks.
by s j tubrazy May 14, 2015
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