Usually two people who find it hot to talk about stuff they seen in a porno video they seen. Cybering can be used to scam people if you are clever enough (scamming people on wow by taking advantage of their lonliness to scam him for every drop of gold).
#1: Wanna cyber?
#2: Bet your ass I do!
#1: *I remove my panties and start fingering myself*
#2: *I start to suck on your nipples*

10-30min later

#1: That was great.
#2: Ya it was. Here's some gold my love!
#1: I love you :)
by rebornMCW July 10, 2006
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sex over the internet for all those horn-dogs out there that can't wait to do it in person OR cant get anyone to do anything with them once they see them in person. cyber usssually involves masturbation.
i'm so horny. wanna cyber?
by OhYeah Manwhich January 13, 2008
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A word used in movies in the 90's that was used simply t make their movie cooler and up to date, along with "information superhighway" and "Net".
I'm going to cyber-connect to the Information Super Highway Net! Using only my keyboard, never touching the mouse, and a browser that has none of the standard buttons such as back, forward, and even an address bar!
by Majora sono Yokoshima July 30, 2004
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The act of having sex online.

People who cyber are either horny 12 year olds who are just hitting puberty, or 50 year old virgins who live in their mother's basements in Detroit, and need something to jack off to.

Commonly done on Gaia Online.
Boy: Hey baby, your avatar is sexy. Wanna cyber?

Girl(Who is really a 50 yr old dude): Sure sexy.
by PM2134 May 02, 2009
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