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an awesome off-broadway musical. very funny at times.
doo-ap girls: little shop, little shop of horrors little shop, little shop of terror....
by UM North Quad April 14, 2006
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laughing my ass off pooping
laughing my ass of pissing

basically laughing so hard you soil yourself
(says something generically funny)


(smells the air) EWWWWW what smells like shart?!
by UM North Quad July 10, 2011
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Despite common opinion, there is a difference between a metalhead and a simple metal fan. A metal fan is simply someone who likes to listen to metal.

A metalhead on the other hand is a dying breed of people that once made up a full blown countercultural movement of the 70s and 80s, but since has been worn down to a small and dispersed subculture. The internet has provided a great medium for metalheads to communicate through messageboards and forums about various metal groups both old and new.

A metalhead is not only a fan of metal music, but is dedicated to the knowledge of groups, to appreciating the full depth of various metal music (which is EXTREMELY deep), and appreciating the diversity of metal. A lot of metal heads have an appreciation of classical and opera music as well, in fact studies show that metalheads and classical music listeners have similar personalities, especially when it comes to music.

Contrary to stereotypes, there is no specific ideology or fashion for metalheads. Some may wear a suit and tie every day and carry a briefcase, some will dress stereotypically with worn out jeans, band t shirts of various bands they like, and grown out hair/beards. As for ideology, metalheads are normally diverse in their ideologies, although it is common to see one that's has a more apathetic ideology.
Can you believe that guy is a metalhead? (points to a man that's well kept and well dressed, wearing a suit and a tie and his hair combed back, probably wearing aviators)
Whoa, he's a metalhead? Figured he'd be another one of those jocky tools with no souls!
No he just works in business and has to dress like that, you should see him on the weekends!
by UM North Quad August 06, 2011
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A non-obscene version of motherfucker. Good for situations where swearing is a bad idea.
oh mothersucker! can't believe I just lost!
by UM North Quad August 31, 2010
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A baron of Bodenwerder, a small city in the area of Lower Saxony, Germany, between Hanover and Goettingen. Known for his dubious stories of his travels, from flying to the moon on a cannonball, to shooting a deer with a cherry pit for a bullet, only to find it again the following year with a cherry tree growing on its head. In Bodenwerder, you can see statues of Munchhausen everywhere, humorously depicting a part of his stories.
"As Munchhausen walked into town, the gate fell onto his horse, and sliced it in half. The front half of the horse continued on, while the back half was taken by the butcher to be made into meat. When the horse stopped to drink, the water spewed out his back as if he were a fountain..."
by UM North Quad January 09, 2009
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the act of watching "nyan cat" for 10 hours or longer
Don't disturb him he's plugged in!
He's programming facebook pages?
NO! He's doing the nyan challenge, he's 6 hours in!
My what a strong willed man...
by UM North Quad July 06, 2011
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drama or conflict created over otherwise trivial matters, normally due to boredom over a mundane or uneventful life (quite common in high school social circles)
man I hate all this artificial drama, why do these people do this to themselves?
by UM North Quad July 31, 2011
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