Hard House is nor like usual house music, nor like hardcore. It is an underground style of music, sigificantly faster than Tiesto and Paul Van Dyk styles at 150bpm.

Hard House is hard and fast, with an arm of it called NRG being a even more extreme style of hard house, many producers of which are also heavily involved in the metal scenes. Producers include Grady G, Rodi Style, Firefox, Alex Penn, NICK the Greek and many more.

Hard House and Hard Dance are different. Hard Dance includes Hard Trance, Bounce/Scouse and other styles.

Hard House is considered more gritty, darker and generally high quality productions. Many hard house DJs and Producers are also involved in other genres under psydonyms.

DJs and Producers include, Andy Farley, Defective Audio, Equinox, Marc Johnson, Paul Maddox, Rodi Style, Alex Penn and more. Significant web forums include www.bangingtunes.com and www.harderfaster.net

Noir Records (www.noirrecords.com)
Tidy Trax (www.tidy.com)
Vicious Circle) (www.vicious-circle.net)
Flashpoint (www.flashpointrecords.co.uk)
"I am going to a Hard House night"
by Hard House fan July 11, 2008
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Proper hard house is typified by a set formula of up-tempo house music compressed kick drums, signature style off-beat basslines and the use of 'hoover' type sounds. In contempt of the name it shares some parts in style with house music, but borrows elements heavily from trance music (synths and sometimes breakdown formula), and hardcore/rave music (hoover sounds, chants). Generally, hard house is part of a wider group of styles called Hard Dance and has little in common with the modern trance or house scenes going for a stronger storm sound. Hard Dance also encompasses NRG or Hard NRG, which UK Hard House is often confused for. However, the two have some variance from each other, and are considered two separate genres by Hard Dance enthusiasts.
Other notable hard house DJs

* Lisa Lashes

* Lisa Pin-Up

* The Tidy Boys

* Tony De Vit
Hard house music labels

* Combat Records

* Nukleuz

* Shock Records

* Tidy Trax
by Wee wee kitty star September 23, 2010
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Hard house is house with a less "pop" kind of sound. If house and Drum&Bass had a baby, Hard House would be it. It is House with a much deeper sound. It has a Very dark and heavy bass drum. Carl Cox is a famous Hard House artist.
Listen to "Kajita" by Carl Cox.
by MIsoHUNGI March 25, 2005
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Any living space with a hard roof, as opposed to a tent.
Even though I usually staid in a tent at the fair, I went out looking for a hard house once I heard about the rain.
by George Luetkemeyer May 29, 2008
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Music that keeps you dancing all night long....Hard loud and fast, The most fun you`ll ever have and only the people who know what it is all about will ever understand how good it really is. No contest, No advertising, Underground. Keep it Tidy people.
I`m off to tidy weekender to listen to hard house and forget about the world for 3 great days......
by Randomginger April 26, 2007
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All very different, but amazing to listen to.

Techno is more rapid and fast, but uses electronics well. laughed at for the 90s hysteria of crap pop music.

Trance is more musical and slower, which makes it very classical.

hard house is probably the greatest of them all, with fast tempo, great sounds and amazing climaxes.

Hard Dance is so much faster than all of the above, making it harder for beginners to the genre.

Rave, the dying genre, can range from slow, relaxing music to fast bumping sounds. some would say it relies too much on repitition.

Its best to start from this order to really enjoy the music, otherwise youll think youve wasted a good 15 quid on a CD, while hardcore fans will relish such a CD.

You dont have to take drugs, you dont have to be a hard-nut, you dont have to go about wearing massive trousers, you just want to listen to the music, and have a good time.
Its music, thats all. And why do people slag fans of these genres for listening to it? Are they really that shallow?

Enjoy. All people welcome.
by Biafra J September 20, 2004
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