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noun; a girl who likes to start fights with every "bitch" or girl that she is jelouse of, dresses in (but not limited to) ratchet neon tights, tight fitted jeans that don't fit properly, fitteds or snapbacks, Jordan's (usually the cheapest ones from the Nike Outlet), wears pounds of makeup thinking it looks good and speaks lyke dis.
Example of a Facebook cyattie would be

Eastsyde Stunna Barbie profile
Bio reads:

Dont Put Up Wif Fake Nigguhs . Szeen ? !

If yu a real WASTECYATT wanna start wif me, ^ Inbox : ) Id be more dhen glad too solve your problem .

Got nuff haters ' IF YOUR A HATER DONT ADD ME .


so therefore dont think ima accept your friend request cus yu compliment me , doesnt work like dhat .
by soursourhighhigh February 03, 2013
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noun; loud obnoxious, black women who wear tight neon coloured jeans and colour their hair in similar colours so that they can match.
DAMN! Waste cyatties always jampack Popeyes and KFC for Toonie Tuesdays!
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