the act of sending various amounts of internet links. Sometimes this is done mutually between two parties but every now and then you get that one guy who will send you a ridiculous amount of links, so many that you if you in fact watched and read them all you would reach the end of the internet.
Guy 1 "Dude man, you want to come over sometime?"

Guy 2 "Naw...I gotta stay home, parents suck, I'll probably jut spend all night on the internet."

Guy 1 "Alright bro...well I say we do some linkin'"

Guy 2 "Surely dudearino"


Facebook User "God, I added this kid from grade school...I don't even know him! BUT HE WON'T STOP LINKIN' ME. If I follow all these I will indeed reach the end of the internet."
by TazoTea<3'er November 09, 2010
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If a boy says he is linkin a girl it means he is seeing her or getting in with her. i could also mean he is sleeping with her.

**note. you can link up to 8 people without it being cheating. not reccomended though, unless one of them is the swindin bike.
Bharji: words goin round u linkin jamila?

pavsingle: yh y?

Bharji: wtf man im linkin er.
pavsingle: dw man so's evry1

pavsingle: i'm linkin bare gals atm
by mr-anonymous June 08, 2009
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Loving person who cares about a lot of people but sometimes can be really dumb
Linkin went to ask a girl and gave her food
by Henc Matthews July 08, 2018
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A person of slow wit, who has trouble with even the most basic of tasks.
Linkins tend to become irate at very small unimportant things, and go purple.

Mike: How does a fan make the air cold?

Pete: Oh My God,you are such a linkin!
by the linkin November 02, 2006
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