Refers to a female with a reputation for being notoriously loud, obnoxious and promiscuous.
guy: “dat shordy jaelyn so loud ‘n ratchet.
other guy: ahlieee she a cyattie.
by tdotshordyyy December 14, 2018
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yo that scarbrough girl's a stupid fucking cyattie, me and crodie battried that last night styl, she was super off the percs cro
by Toronto bod mon November 4, 2020
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toronto slang for a loud female, typically of African-American descent pronounced c-@-t
Bumped into a cyattie in the hallway, bitch started yelling
by ERRRRRRRRRRRGOD November 22, 2018
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Matthew and Moe are looking for some cyatties
by LastWordz October 18, 2018
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Don't waste your time on those waste cyatties.
Those waste cyatties aint got nothin on you
by 203fr February 27, 2015
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a canadian slang term used to describe a girl as dumb girl.
Jahiem: tell me why tatyanna is talking about "we have been talking on tips for 2 months"?
Kamani: yo what a waste cyattie
by Chuckwae March 15, 2019
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A Waste Cyattie is the patois version of a cum dumpster waste hole waste yutes mother. The waste is the trash and the Cyattie is the pumhole otherwise known as a vagina.
A bunch of waste cyatties linkin’ up to scheme pon people dem with there mudda skunty business
by Fatlightning April 22, 2021
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