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go psycho, but in an awesome way. used primarily to describe any virtuoso musician's command of their instrument, but guitarists in particular.
"have u heard about yo-yo ma's new album coming out in june?? he's gonna cut sick on that, dude."
by aperfectquett May 28, 2007
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To hit on or flirt with a member of the opposite sex.

Traditionally, males encouraged others to β€˜cut sick’ by making a sawing motion on their wrist. This practice has suffered bastardisation, however, and when used now, frequently indicates an overweight female in the vicinity.
1. "Robert cut sick on Kate at Ryan’s Bar and maintains she was a lot smaller than size 16"

2. "Ivan was cutting sick on Rebecca and giving her body-boarding lessons at Freshwater Beach"
by The Gupta January 31, 2007
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to go mad, really angry and follow up with an act of voilence
by tinman August 01, 2003
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