3 definitions by aperfectquett

"if only i hadn't hit onto my ex's best friend..."

"come on man, don't be a mingos - it was clearly her 2nd best friend"
by aperfectquett September 23, 2007
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n. a thoroughly better way to say facebook, considering the number of socially inept douches obsessed with it
"heeey girl! u need to sign up on facebook - it's like the coolest thing ever!!"

"oh u mean facebox? i hear it has a lot of obsessed douches"
by aperfectquett January 23, 2008
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go psycho, but in an awesome way. used primarily to describe any virtuoso musician's command of their instrument, but guitarists in particular.
"have u heard about yo-yo ma's new album coming out in june?? he's gonna cut sick on that, dude."
by aperfectquett May 28, 2007
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