Someone who considers autistic people/Asperger's people to have something 'wrong' with them because they don't think like 'normal' people do. May speak in terms of 'exorcisms', 'changelings', or 'disease', oftentimes mourns for autistics and others 'on the spectrum' as if they'd died rather than been born with a slightly different perspective on the world.
Curebie: "I want to wake up the real person inside you and bring them out from under the autism!"
Autistic person: "Um... hate to break it to you, but I *am* a real person."
by Sharl September 25, 2009
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"Curebie" someone who believe that autistic people needs to be cured. It could be interpret as that they think autistic are sick, damaged or need to be improved - something that many autistic find offensive. We can also speculate that if you remove autism from the gene pool, it could lead to negative consequences (eg. will the next Einstein or the next Bill Gates even be born?) . That said, autistic people, as well as everybody else, can need help and treatment for their problem, you can allways improve yourself, but that isn't the same thing as "curing".
I'm sure you mean well, but you sounds like a curebie. Maybe society should accept people like me, instead of trying to change us.
by chestnut tree April 21, 2011
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Someone who tries to cure that which cannot be cured, or that doesn't need to be cured.

"Curebie" is slang term used in the Autistic community to describe people who try to cure Autism - despite the fact that it has already been made perfectly clear that Autism in all of its forms is uncurable, and that people wouldn't want to be cured, anyway. It's just society trying to make them normal, they say.
Trying to cure Autism? You curebie!
by thirdwheel1985 September 5, 2005
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A word autistic fundies use for anyone who dares question their moonbat, politically correct, fascist agenda. See also scientist.
Moron: How dare you stop your son cutting himself to death! Curebie!
by Patrick the Ugly October 7, 2006
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Someone who believes that they can cure someone of that which is the essential core of their nature, rather than deal with the social difficulties and related problems.
In another generation the curebies would probably have wished to cure left-handedness.
by Sam is a Dick October 19, 2006
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Used to refer to an autism mom who is sheepishly obsessed with curing autism
My mom made a donation to Autism $peaks. What a curebie.
by True_Lust July 22, 2019
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Someone who wants to cure autism. However autism doesn’t need a cure.
Curebies are the ones who actually need to be cured, not autistic people.
by Beyhive-StarWarsFan January 28, 2022
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