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Approximately 10% of people are left~handed, also referred to as southpaws. Ambidextrousness occurs in approximately 30% of people.
Oftentimes in school, natural left-handedness is discouraged for the sake of convenience~how awful! Having left-handedness is rare.
by Starchylde June 14, 2016
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The hardest thing in the world to overcome. Simple tasks like using scissors and holding a coffee mug are extremely difficult to adapt to. Left handed people always smear their writing when using a pen. Lefties hit the binding in notebooks, making it hard to do something as simple as taking notes. Lefties also have this keen sense to recognize other lefties on things such as TV shows, or presentations of some sort. Most lefties cannot knit, crosche, or sow due to lack of other left handed people who can do such things. Though rare and hard to handle, lefties are impressive people.
by Myahsaurus Rex June 20, 2018
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