When you're searching around in your cupboards looking for something to eat and you know their bare, but you continue to look anyways like someone cruising through their carpet looking for that last piece of crack
That dude knows he ain't got no food, he's like a crackhead cruising through the carpet for that last piece of crack, dude's "cupboard cruising" .
by VanDyke Brown April 20, 2017
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Collective term for a large group of twats. Sometimes also referenced as The Twat Cupboard e.g. "Get in The Twat Cupboard you twat!"
Also the opposite of a Drawer Of Prats.
Look at that Cupboard Of Twats over there...
by DrSteeeve August 07, 2020
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'Hayley I want to slam the doors of your meat cupboard'

'Would you like me to restock your meat cupboard?'
by Hafn90 July 21, 2017
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That cupboard in your house that is filled with complete shit. The place has no organisation. No one can find anything in there. It's a mysterious place to enter.
Hey Jim, can you run and get me a new light bulb form the mystery cupboard!
by RangaJester January 24, 2010
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A room in which a person stores them self overnight or makes love to their partner, preferably on a bed.
by Jeramockity January 11, 2014
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When your significant other has a specific place he puts your shit when he's mad at you. Everything from chocolate to make up. If its something that's important, it will end up in the petty cupboard.
My boyfriend utilizes his petty cupboard when we have a disagreement.
by LaLa72 January 01, 2018
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