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The act of presumptuously telling another how they think due to an identified group belonging; especially within a perceived patriarchal societal construct.

Similar to mansplaining in that it is condescending and patronizing, but dissimilar in that cuntsplanations are also accompanied by a significant share of resentment and/or vitriol.
“I don’t go out with her anymore. Every time she gets more than one drink in her she starts cuntsplaining to everyone how their individuality is really just a symptom of an oppressive cultural construct and nothing more.”
by acearce June 20, 2016
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(V.) When someone usually of female gender and distasteful disposition tries to justify some type of ill refuted, abominable, alarming, appalling, atrocious, deplorable, depressing, dire, disgusting, distressing, dreadful, fearful, frightful, ghastly, grody, gross, gruesome, grungy, harrowing, hideous, horrendous, horrible, horrific, horrifying, nasty, offensive, raunchy, repulsive, shocking, stinking, synthetic, tough, ugly, unpleasant, unsightly action or behavior or oversight or mistake by downplaying their own role as the main contributor of the entailed situation.
While at the Benghazi hearing, Hillary made a feeble attempt at cuntsplaining the whole situation as nothing more than a mere misunderstanding.
by Buildingsea$ May 15, 2016
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To use purposefully flawed logic and twisted facts to make oneself appear the victim of any given situation.
"Hosting my illegally obtained sex tape is a breach of privacy." said Hulk Hogan.

"It's our job as journalists to discuss matters of public interest. Therefore, suing us for illegally hosting revenge porn is censorship!" cuntsplained Nick.
by AoC September 30, 2016
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The act of not explaining anything and expecting someone to understand and appreciate your unspoken meaning. Can sometimes be lead by an ambiguous and passive aggressive statement. As opposed to mansplaining, where the speaker assumes listener knows less than nothing and requires an offensive amount of information regarding the topic.
I was in hot water after my girlfriend cuntsplained that if I wanted to stay at the bar with my friends on our anniversary it was “fine,” if that’s what I “really wanted.”
by Axolotl June 10, 2018
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