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one who is annoying and ho-like; someone who is a cunt and a slut; a term used to describe someone who you want to go away
Gosh Taylor! Stop being such a cuntslut and leave me alone!
by Siarramazingg June 13, 2007
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1.The sluttiest of all sluts. Can be seen in dark alleys trading blowjobs for crackrocks. See Courtney Love

2. A highly offensive insult combining the two words cunt and slut. To be called a cuntslut is similar to being called stretchedoutanuswhore or a cumshotfacefucker.
1.That bitch Courtney Love is such a cuntslut, she gave Kurt Cobain AIDS and then had him killed.

2. You fucking cuntslut, go to hell and fuck the devil and suck his dick and then come back up here and kiss my ass.
by crustpunx November 17, 2006
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When a man is a slut to his cunt. The traits of a cuntslut are:
1. The cuntslut is pussy whipped.

2. After the first week of dating a cuntslut and his girlfriend will appear to be a married couple.

3. The cuntslut is not very intelligent. He won't have enough money to support his new girlfriend and will start taking many loans from friends.

Is Marc really driving 40 miles, after work, at midnight to see his girlfriend? He's such a cuntslut.
by Habib Cheeseman November 04, 2008
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