when a person is behaving like a major cunt.
That guy Hugh is major cunthole
by milllexxx June 26, 2016
A worthless peice of shit who is so repulsive and generally nasty, that calling him a mere asshole simply isnt enough. Thus the word Cunthole was created.
Here is a prime example of a cunthole.

Danny: Hey guys, last night i got a girl incredibly drunk, and then i took advantage of her. I didnt use a condom either, and i gave her clamidia. HAHAHAHAHA

Carl: Danny that was just wrong, why would you do that? You are such a fucking cunthole

Peter: I agree Carl, Danny really is cunthole.
A word Gavin Jules uses to describe the vaginal canal.
I put my titanium manmeat in her cunthole. M fucking cockmeat.
by Nobody of Consequence February 7, 2005
A person who has surpassed all words like douchebag, motherfucker, asshole, son of a bitch, jerk, and cocksucker.
Example of something a cunthole would do:
Sneaking over to your Mom's house and then knocked her unconscious and then raping her and giving her AIDS.
by Bossman167 January 6, 2014
Surely you can guess...
Benjamin Brown is a cunthole hahaha...........................ha
by willy wonka May 20, 2003
An appropriate word for something that doesn’t understand the quality of pizza
That cunthole dropped my pizza!
by pizzalover75 August 23, 2017