When a girl is slobing on your knob and she swallows your cum, then burps, causing her burp to buble up with cum
Your bitch sucked my dick and burped up a cum bubble
by Dave May 14, 2003
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A sticky bubble that emanates from a quifing cream pie.
After I emptied my load in her love box, she quifed so hard that she blew a cum bubble the size of a beach ball.
by Booyah April 27, 2004
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whan a man or woman blows bubbles with the load they just had busted in their mouth.
Sally was blowing cum bubbles after suckin a dick down.
by Danielledvm November 21, 2007
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the process where male semen enters the mouth and is snorted by the recipient causing the ability to blow a bubble from their nose consisting of male semen.
That skanky ho-bag blew a "cum bubble" once I'd came in her mouth!
by cum bubblington October 14, 2009
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After you do your friend's mom in the butt, she will fart and blow a cum bubble.
I boned Stacy's mon in the butt and when she farted she blew a cum bubble
by Dwight_stl November 09, 2007
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To perform a cum bubble can be done a number of ways, best example is: when you and you female partner are knockin boots you both cum and as you pull out she quiff(pussy fart) causing her to make a cum bubble
After me and my girl busted a nut I pulled out she pussy farted and I show her make a cum bubble ........ Then it burst....... What a mess
by mike fisher March 22, 2004
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