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(boob-lay) a form of sexual expression when a penis frolics between someone's breasts
While listening to Michael Buble, I let my boyfriend get a buble.
by smoover b October 11, 2007
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(pronounced Boob-lay) The bubble of snot which occasionally appears involuntarily from ones nose as a result of hearty laughter.
I laughed so hard there that I had to wipe a wee buble off my honker.
by Hans Shandy April 06, 2010
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When you are caught cheating by your wife/girlfirend
Via the internet
Mike pcked up this girl at a bar She was so happy to be with such a popular guy that she cell phnone tape them fooling around and posted it on the internet Well Mike's wife found out If you are popular and hook up woth you mistess don't get buble'd
by Gifto February 19, 2008
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(pronounced 'booblay')
When you're very drunk and accidentally poo yourself: As noted in the case of a drunk tramp I once saw with his trousers half-down and poo bubbling out of him whilst he lay there.
Oh no, John's done a buble.

(Also 'buble-ing': 'Arg! I'm bubleing')
by Micehell Hillpips December 16, 2007
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/noun/: a term to describe Austin Molberg's Homosexuality towards Michael Buble
Austin: uuuuuhhhhh ahhhhhh ohhhhhhhh BUUUUUUUBBBBBBBLLLLELEEEE!!!!!!!!..... Buble'.
by Pablo Gonzales March 11, 2010
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