An expression meaning: "What's Up?" or "Hello!."
Originating from south central Louisiana.
Often the 'a' is exaggerated as such.
whaaaaaan. my boy juss scored up an oz of kill.
by R.E.M. Speedwagon April 12, 2007
to yell when disgusted or upset.
I just walked in on your parents fucking, WHAN
by crowsd June 21, 2011
WHAN is a WHite Apologist Nazi... The kind of liberal white person who denigrates their own race constantly, and tries to tell minorities how to live.
"The WHAN's are upset about "Voter ID" cause they think minorities are too stupid to get an ID"
"I have real life experiences living with every minority, etc., and don't need the WHAN's to tell me how to interact with minorities..."

" You don't have to be stupid to be a WHAN, but it helps"
by RMH000 January 2, 2020
a very smart amazing person that is always there for you,she is a person that you can tell anything to you will want to be her best friend in seconds she is a very talented girl who never gives up eve when things seem hard she loves art and dank memes
dear alexandra whan,we have been friends for 87 day what can i say you are always there on my side i love you boo
by theobomb November 10, 2017
expression used to signify general approval or appreciation of an action or statement.
Ben: Rit, I put your chips in the oven, to keep warm.

Rit: Nice Whan. They'll like that.

Ben: I pulled this girl who looks like Kelly Brook.

Rit: Nice Whan.
by Mr Ben Watson December 29, 2004
Kids: look at this ugly man
Roadman:WTF!! whan fi da yute??!
by anxxss November 3, 2022