A bully who harasses their victim, then goes crying fake tears to a person or group of authority or publicity claiming that their victim harassed them, in order to encourage them to wrongly persecute the victim as well.
Des was a notorious crybully, one time he kicked at people building sandcastles in the playground before running off, and by the time we helped clean up those that were hurt, he'd dragged back a teacher and claimed that we'd all ganged up on him!
by thejimler October 7, 2015
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someone who attempts to use pity, or tears, to persuade someone else into ganging up on someone, or allying with their point of view
Girlfriend: Mike is such an abusive boyfriend, has he always been like this (mikes sister)?
Mike: The fuck are you talking about sister? , all i did was tell her that i didnt want to hang out tonight.

Girlfriend: Operation Crybully is a success.
by UrhkinUrJerkin December 26, 2015
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A chronic or serial protester/complainer who claims persecution/victimization based on phony, exaggerated or unverifiable transgressions, is overly sensitive to criticism, and uses harrassment and/or intimidation to silence others who question, doubt, or disagree with the complainer's position. This term became common when describing college campus protesters who organized demonstrations over spurious claims of "hate crimes" and demanded that their assumed victimization granted moral authority to demand that their critics be silenced.
"The crybully claimed that the frat boys hung a noose in the Student Center, but it turned out the girl who 'found' it put it there herself. They won't apologize for it, but still want to have their demonstration."
by TheHobbyist November 14, 2015
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A person who considers themselves a member of a victimized class who demands that those who don't agree with them be punished. The crybully is often overly-sensitive to perceived slights, but doesn't hesitate to label others. The crybully wears their victimhood as a badge of honor and relies on loud, angry slogans when their viewpoint is questioned. The crybully will attempt to shame their opponents into silence.
The crybully screamed at and cursed the Yale professor who suggested that the university's primary goal isn't to provide students a safe place where their perspectives are never questioned but to develop intellectual communities that can freely dialog about any topic.
by Ijiwaru Sensei November 22, 2015
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A person (most likely an SJW) who uses their own victim complex to bully someone into submission.
That protester demanding Halloween be banned is such a crybully.
by SummonerofDoubt November 17, 2015
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The kind of person that laughs as soon as the cops leave (either hauling somebody to jail or not) but runs to them and whines after instigating an incident.
The crybully only had tears in her eyes for show, she was usually too busy laughing at people to cry, except when it was time to try and get someone in trouble.
by The Original Agahnim November 14, 2021
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A bully that pretends to be an underdog all the time.
The crybully kept kicking their hornets nest and thought it was real funny.
by The Original Agahnim November 13, 2021
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