Something or someone that is both cute and cringe simultaneously
"Did you see Ashley's new dress last night"

'Yes, it was so crute'
by charliesufc February 21, 2015
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your own style, swagga. a representation of oneself.

crute: root word.
cruti: single cruter.
cruters: group.
cruting: verb. to crute.
"You see these new kicks? I'm rockn' my crute, yo."

"Look at that cruti, she's workn her style."

"Me and my friends are cruters cuz we represent our own band."

"I'm so cruting my new walk and talk right now, yo."
by Steph/Jen July 13, 2008
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A man with a large mane of ginger hair. Renowned for his chicken dipper fetish and habit of wearing incredibly revealing clothing, may be encountered in Juice or the Scottish town of Sunderland. If female, take caution when approaching as he is known to practice date rape (usually with the aid of the drug Rohypnol). It is thought likely that 'the Crutaliser' suffers from the conditions narcolepsy and reefolepsy.
"Isn't that Paul Crute embarking on a smiley face binge?"
by Maxine and Zoe May 11, 2006
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