7 definitions by MajorFool

Not too bad, in the sense of how you feel. Like sound etc
When asked "hows it goin" the reply of "Im propa stable, man"
by MajorFool May 24, 2007
Word meaning "cool" Used in tv show, Nathan Barley by the "idiots" Who think they are trendy.

Its used liek irony, but not. 'cos they have the belief that, if its ironic or contreversial, its cool.
Now that is well bum!
by MajorFool May 24, 2007
Absolutly wasted and stoned. Your state of mind becomes that of a frozen pea.

Im Well frozen pea'd mate, but whack us some more vodka!
by MajorFool May 24, 2007
Pretty fucking Mint! So much so that if you were you would be ashamed that you are that ace!

Can be used about yourself or others. Or items.
That is shamefully criminal!
by MajorFool May 24, 2007
Too pissed to know whats goin on. Cant do anything without stumbling and falling over.

A sense of your mind crumbling away into nothing.
by MajorFool May 24, 2007