abbreviation of "cruisin for a bruisin", indication that one is wearing on the patience of the speaker.
"you're cruisin, i swear."
by justin March 28, 2005
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When you're basically just out driving with friends, playing the music really loud, and having a good time.
Okay, well there's nothing to do tonight, so let's just go cruisin'
by hannah13 October 2, 2007
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A term used to describe a state of mind where you are feeling good and not letting anything get you down.

Think cruise control - the speed stays the same regardless of others’ influence.
Joe: How’s it going?
Dale: Still cruisin thanks, I won’t let Shirley get me down.
by Shirley Rae Jepsen June 13, 2019
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when one prolongs the holding of a blunt or a bottle when it is to be passed around
J-rod was cruisin on that blunt
by Makal & Kal March 14, 2007
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The act of driving while or after smoking marijuana. Sometimes the feeling of being in a moving vehicle while stoned is similar to that of being in a spaceship.
Dude, stop swerving. If we get pulled over, the cops will totally know we're space cruisin'.
by Ffffffz September 20, 2010
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A pedophile who's driving around looking for children so he can pull over and masturbate, and then leave.
Robby: Yo, dude. I just saw this guy and he was in this dark van.
Me: ...and?
Robby: He pulled over at the park, and he just sat in his car. It looked like he was jerking off.
Me: Oh! He was kiddy cruisin', eh?
Robby: Yeah.
by nyiddle December 25, 2005
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