small pieces of fried or toasted bread added to soup
When recycled sewage is added to your water supply, you no longer need to add croutons to your soup.
by yorrick hunt February 2, 2008
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French for "we dry bread and cut it up into little pieces that people like to put in salad"
Nous croutons le pain tous le jours.
by NiCocaCola November 22, 2010
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the dingle berries aka tiny rolls of shit paper in your arse!
Todd: my wife refuses to lick my asshole!
Joey: whats thats cunts problem?
Todd: the last time that whore was tossing my salad .. she found alot of croutons!
by jesusholmes January 19, 2007
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the act of dissing someone or telling them to get the hell out yo face!
that bitch was talking to me and dissed my cousin ray ray so i said croutons and walked away!
by shabootyfonclaya April 20, 2008
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Croutoning (verb) is used to describe someone who uses their higher authority to silence any opinions or opposite views - including innocent jokes - that they do not agree with. This can range from being fired due to a higher up not agreeing with you all the way down to being banned from an online server because you like a different type of cake. Usually, people who Crouton regularly end up reverting the silencing and claim that the action was a 'joke', then proceed to do the same action three minutes later.

People who Crouton also regularly jump to conclusions about conversations, and not let anyone else speak but themselves.

Croutoning can also be used as a noun (Crouton) for situations where you are describing their actions. The word 'Croutoning' comes from how croutons are very weak and fragile.
Kyle: "Hey I just got banned from the Discord server for disagreeing with the moderator!"
Jeremy: "Don't worry, he's only Croutoning right now."
Kyle: "What a twat."


"That blog owner's really acting like a Crouton right now."
by ondi December 8, 2021
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