1) preparing a salad. mixing greens.

2) slang. To humiliate someone by ordering them to commit the act of smearing jelly, or another desirable substance in your anus in order to lick it clean while you masturbate or they give you the reach-around.

Toss my salad came from an HBO speacial on prison. The seasoned convict was explaining what he would do to a new inmate in prison as sort of an initiation. He would get a packet of grape jelly and make the new inmate or "fish" smear the jelly in his asswhole and lick it out while he masturbated.
That guy roberto is such an ass-munching fag he probably wants to toss my salad while giving me a reach-around.
by dan June 25, 2004
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As told by Chris Rock (the greatest)- Having your asshole eaten out with Jelly or syrup.
Reporter: So when a new inmate comes in, and he wants some drugs, how do you initiate them?

Prisioner: Well the first thing ah do, Is make em' toss mah salad.

Repporter: Toss my salad? What's that?

Prosoner: Havin' yo' salad tossed, means havin' yo' asshole eaten out, with jelleh oh syrup. I p'efer syrup.
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making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich out of someones ass and then shooting semen all over the place yelling that was a good tossed salad
Yo chad i want you to toss my salad now try to catch my semen
by Bigdongdizzle February 17, 2010
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