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When 2 dudes have a threesome with a girl and their dicks inadvertently touch.
I'm totally freaked out. Last night, JJ and I had a threesome with that hood rat Cicely and we crossed swords. Does that mean I'm gay?
by Bif Loman February 22, 2006
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When two brothers or close make friends engage In group sex in what is typically a small room leading to there unprotected( usually) cocks crossing and rubbing. It has been described as resembling starting a fire by Rubbing two sticks together. The act of swords crossing is most likely not an accident however arranging women to attend allows each sword to not acknowledge it being an intentionally homosexual act.
Ray: Me and my brother met step girls at a motel for sex and drugs.
Chrissy: that is such a small room how did you not see each other!
Ray: I know very small. Me and Roger definitely crossed swords....
Chrissy: I feel like you won't be able to look at each other for a month after that!
Ray: Nah there were girls and Roger does way worse stuff now . It's not gay it just Happens.
by AsClearlyAsIs November 25, 2017
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