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The member of the band who doesn't say much at all, or when they do, it isn't worth listening to. The one who revels in hitting things but is apprehenisve of normal conversation. Yes, it's the drummer.

Bongo - the drums of the drummer
Drongo - idiot
Tim: *erughe!* loud banging noises / slaps own face a few times
Dom: Shut up you Bongo Drongo!
by Nomin June 28, 2009

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A plaintive cry frequented by belligerent members of the proletariat to some of the better members of society. Especially when those members are Dutty Skets who have taken the care to wear a red hoodie.
*cue respectable young girl walking down road*
*cue respectable young girl looking both disgusted and pleased simultaneously*
by Nomin May 28, 2010

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Simply when two guys pee in the same toilet / urinal / bush / bin / girl's mouth and the streams cross.
Dude, we're both desperate, let's just cross swords

I saw Dom's massive penis last night when we were crossing swords

No homo
by Nomin October 23, 2010

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