A person who does a fart (usually silent) in an area and then leaves, thereby leaving the smell for others to savour.
That guy is a mean cropduster.

He was the worst cropduster that I've ever met.
by stub004 July 6, 2004
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A car with some sort of engine problem that causes it to release an abnormal amount of exhaust, usually of a bluish color.
Boy, that old Impala was quite the crop duster.
by Zone-Ranger October 8, 2007
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To lay a silent fart down the aisle of a grocery store when someone is toward you...and listen to them gag.

see click and drag
son: "Dad why is that guy choking and hacking like that?"
Dad: "Cause daddy just laid a crop duster."
son: "OMG he's turning blue!"
by Punkhead May 25, 2005
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Placing your butt over a girl's bush and ripping a nasty, windy fart as to simulate crop dusting.
After we finished having sex I gave that bitch a sweet crop duster.
by Dirty Sanchez January 27, 2003
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When Mr. Teeds mom releases noxious carcinogenic odors from her flapping meat wallet as she passes by.
Is there a rotting carcas in here or did Teeds mom walk in the room?
by BIG DADDY December 2, 2003
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When a person farts as they walk past you and some buds.
Damn, man the dirty kids fucking crop dusted us again!
by heavy-d March 13, 2003
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Sexual act where a male ties a female up, sets up a fan in front of her face, and masturbates into the fan until ejaculation, thus splattering the discharge all over the female's face.
Susie: Tommy, last time you gave me a crop duster you ruined my new top!
by Rodney Simmons September 21, 2007
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