Using a vehicle to make patterns in the snow on roads, parking lots and other flat surfaces during the night, so its looks like they mysteriously appear when it becomes light the next morning.
Saw some wisconsin crop circles in the high school parking lot when I dropped the kids off this morning.
by Really Light Stuff February 12, 2019
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when a bunch of hicks (preferably from alabama) take family members into fields and have a circle jerk. The last hick that blows their load on their family member gets cornholed by seeing how many cobs of corn can fit in their ass by the winning kin folk.
my ass hurts after losing last nights alabama crop circle... my sister just didnt look as good as she usually does...
by Pepperonni Steve August 24, 2009
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The ring of hair that forms around the nipple of a women after she has refused to shave for several days. The hair forms around the outer wall of the nipple and pokes up similar to that of a field of corn. The nipple resembles that of an alien space ship that has landed and then taken off.
My girlfriend Sandy walked into my room naked as a mole rat. I asked her, "Hey Sandy, will you shave your tits. You have a crop circle forming along each one which gives off a bad vibe for me and makes my dick limp."
by TurdFurggison October 19, 2010
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When someone with a lot of body hair shaves their pubic hair but leaves the surrounding areas untrimmed.
If I shaved like that it would look like a crop circle.
by Furter October 11, 2020
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When your cornrows have a bald spot.
"Snoop Dogg had to change his hairstyle so he wouldn't start getting a Crop Circle."
by IsItNeilWithAK February 21, 2016
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