A guaranteed source of income, which is good because you'll need it when the cops bang on your door
Police-Open up, it's the police!
Man-I can't, I'm working in my meth lab. Come back in an hour
Police-You did hear me say I'm the police, didn't you?
by Themadbaron April 27, 2011
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where meth is made ileagly
uslely smell prety rank
the swat team needs to bust that meth lab next door
by tom November 11, 2003
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An explosion that takes place within a meth lab. Usually caused by some dumbass kicking over some chemicals cause they decided to get high one to many times. The explosion kills most of the people inside or gives them severe chemical burns and blinds them.
"Hey dude, pass me some meth."
(10 minutes later)
"I think I'm gonna go get a beer."
(kicks over dangerous chemicals)
(meth lab explosion)
police find bodies
by Ryan Paul Brooks March 17, 2007
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When someone says something completely weird or absurd you must quickly respond with the phrase "Sure, at the meth lab" like he/she was high on crystal meth when this happened.
Girl: Last night I had a dream where I rode a pink dragonfly.
Boy: Sure, at the meth lab.
by voK October 07, 2010
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The dirty meth lab is when you go to the local pay by the hour motel and pick out a woman with no teeth. You then pull out your cock and tell her to puff on this.
WOW I had quit a night at the Cadillac Motel I found the dirty meth lab in virginia. She puffed the magic dragon...
by ballzdeepsaycheez December 30, 2010
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A reference to a town strategically located on I-44 only sixty-eight miles from downtown St. Louis, Missouri. One of the few cities, which are considered to be the Methamphetamine Capitol of the United States, since the turn of the new millennium (2000's).
We saw a car explode on the highway. It was in "Meth Lab Central".
by Edward Sultan April 03, 2015
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Native to the midwest region of the United States, particularly Iowa. After sex wait for your partner to leave the room. When she does let one rip and seal it under the covers. It is vital that the fart be contained completely under the covers. When she returns offer her some of the covers. Release the fart and exclaim KABOOM!
My girlfriend had to buy new sheets after a post-Taco Bell meth lab explosion.
by The Covered Wagon Cougar March 28, 2009
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